Clodius Albinus (As Caesar), 193-195 AD, AR Denarius, Aesculapius/Serpent, RIC 2

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An attractive example of this coin struck at Rome under Septimius Severus in 195 AD. Albinus was declared emperor by the Western legions the following year and was defeated by Severus at Lugdunum in 197 AD. Whilst coinage issued as Caesar is more available than that of the Lugdunum period, all coinage of Albinus is scarce. O: D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head right. R: COS II, Aesculapius standing left, naked to waist, feeding serpent climbing up staff. I would grade this coin Good Fine but I have provided high-resolution close up photos so you can decide on a grade for yourself. For uncertified ancient coins I provide a grading opinion using the UK descriptive system. I offer a grading opinion as a courtesy, but please examine the high resolution close up photos carefully and decide on a grade for yourself.
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