English Hammered Coins

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England Henry III 1216-47, Short Cross Penny, Canterbury/Willem, Cl 7b S-1356B

England, Henry III, 1216-1247, Short Cross Penny, Canterbury, Willem, Class 7b, S-1356B, N-979

An example of this Class 7b short cross penny struck at Canterbury with Willem as moneyer. Slightly off center but a pretty decent flan and reasonably well detailed. Weight 1.29g.

O: HENRICVS REX, crowned facing head & sceptre held at side.

R: WILLEM ON CAN, voided short-cross with quatrefoils in angles.

I would grade this coin About Fine (Sheldon VF20) I have provided high-resolution close up photos so you can decide on a grade for yourself. 

For uncertified coins I provide a grading opinion using both the UK descriptive system and the Sheldon scale (based on ANA Grading Standards and/or PCGS Photograde) which will be better known to my US customers. I offer a grading opinion as a courtesy, but please examine the high resolution close up photos carefully and decide on a grade for yourself. 

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